thailand's original premium lager


original premium lager

Founded in 1933 by the lionhearted Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi, Thailand’s first Master Brewer, Singha has stolen hearts across Thailand and has earned the coveted spot of being the most-loved premium beer in the country. Since Singha’s iconic conception, we have been creating unforgettable experiences for Thais in the Land of Smiles. Whether it’s over a big family meal or an intimate get-together with friends, we believe stories are best swapped with a cold, refreshing bottle in hand.
Singha is a beer for the bold. It is a beer for those with an explorer’s mindset, always seeking fresh and authentic Thai experiences to transform moments in their day-to-day lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. When you enjoy a Singha, you unbottle the joyful Thai spirit and find magic in every second of life.
symbols of singha
Just like other Thai banks and trusted local companies, the story behind the Garuda image on our beer bottle can be traced back to 1939 when King Rama VIII granted Boon Rawd Brewery the permission to bear the iconic symbol. At that time, the Garuda denoted the highest honour for companies; this special recognition meant that Singha had earned its place as a trusted and financially stable company producing high quality goods. After receiving permission to use this distinguished symbol, the Bhirombhakdi family has proudly presented the Garuda on all office buildings, factories, and even on every Singha product tag.
More than just serving as the Singha logo, our mystical golden lion has become an iconic symbol that needs no further explanation. It was inspired by one of the four great lions in Thai literature, which Thai folk believe to be the king of the Himmapan Forest. Singha’s current logo is a refined version of the former yellow lion.

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